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 Inside Tour of Train Beijing to Moscow - Тур Поезд Пекин -


Walking through the passenger cars of the famous Beijing - Moscow Train No. 3 via Ulan Bator/Mongolia; Get to know the Deluxe Soft Sleeper, Soft Sleeper, Chinese Hard Sleeper, Mongolian Soft Sleeper, Chinese Dining, and the Mongolian Dining Car; Most Cars were manufactured in East Germany (Halle-Ammendorf) 25 years ago



Classes of travel

The standard accomodation on TS trains are second class carriages. On the Chinese trains 1st class has softer beds, the real luxury is in the Chinese delux class with a sofa and shower.


Delux First Class

Available only on the 3/4 Trans-Mongolian train. Two person berths with wood paneling and a shared shower.



First Class SV

Usually called SV, short for spalny vagon (sleeping wagon), the same as Second Class but there are only two berths. Some have TVs with dvd players. Usually cost double of Second Class.


Second Class

Usually called kupeyny and are the standard accommodation on the Trans-Siberian trains. Each compartment usually has four berths.


Third Class

Called platskartny or zhyostky (hard class) with a car of 54 berths in blocks of four on one side and two on the other.Try to avoid seats near the ends as they are near the toilets.



 Trans Siberian Railway Trip 3rd class - Central Mongolia Tour



 Trans Siberian Railway Trip 3rd class - Moscow to Irkutsk (Lake Baikal)



On the trains the carriage attendant is called the provodnitsa,usually female.



 Transsiberian by Private Train

 The epic Private Train Journey on the world's most famous Railway Further Information: trans-siberian-travel.com Over 30 years of experience - More than 30,000 satisfied guests.




Food on the Trans-Siberian



 Dining Car on the Trans-Siberian Express



 Travelling the Trans-Siberian - life



 Nightmare on the Trans Siberian Railway

 we took the 240E train from Moscow to Irkutsk and then the 008H Train from Irkutsk to Vladivostok. The first leg took about five days and the second four days. We stayed at the Baikaler Eco Hostel near Irkutsk, which was beautiful. The scenery on the train however was mostly Birch trees until past Irkutsk, only becoming truly breathtaking on the last two days. Whilst I certainly don't regret the experience, at times it was like some kind of never ending nightmare. When you get on in Moscow the trains are nice and clean. But the smell towards the end was stifling, and we both got ill with fevers. The worst bit was a load of drunks taking over our cabin on the first leg, so we got roped into a colorful proletariat drinking session before being relegated to the restaurant car for most of the journey .



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