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Fares are widely variable, but difficult to predict exactly. Fares for Russian trains are subject to seasonal changes, with mark-up for high season being up to 40%. Rough ideas would be


    * Moscow - Vladivostok $250/$500 (2nd/1st class, one-way)

    * Moscow - Beijing $200/$320

    * Moscow - Irkutsk $60/100

    * Irkutsk - Ulaanbaatar $30 (one-class)


The train has second class four-berth compartments (called "kupé") and first class two-berth compartments (called "spalny wagon" or "SV") and a restaurant car. One-way fares start at about $250 in a four-berth sleeper or $320 in a two-berth sleeper.Prices increase dramatically if additional stops are needed. Russian train tickets can only be purchased within the Russian Federation or in Finland. Tickets can be purchased only 45 days in advance. Many travel agencies can arrange to have tickets purchased by proxy, but the 45 day limit is strictly enforced.



 A quick video about how much we spent on the Trans-Siberian Railway. For an entire month of travel, we spent roughly $4,500 per person.  

Costs Breakdown:

Flight: $1,125

Visa: $610

Train: $575

 Hotel: $630

 Food: $725

 Entertainment: $600

Misc: $200 - Souvenirs






The Russian train system is different from European ones. The train tickets are bought for fixed dates and all the stops must be planned in advance. If you have a ticket Moscow-Vladivostok and step off the train in Irkutsk, you can't use your ticket for a next train going to Vladivostok. If your stop is not planned in advance and not revealed in your tickets, your ticket will be cancelled and you'll get stuck in Irkutsk.


There are four ways of buying tickets for the trip. You can either purchase them from a travel agent in your own country (or online), a travel agent in the country you will start the journey in, or turn up and buy tickets yourself. The first option is the safest but the most expensive, the latter the cheapest but riskiest. Popular trains can be sold out well in advance, particularly in peak season.

 If you want to meet Russians on your trip, consider going from Vladivostok and heading west, since fewer tourists take the Trans-Siberian in this direction.




Russian visa needed for the trans siberian railroad

Russian Visa


Trans-Siberian travellers will need Russian, Mongolian and Chinese visas. It is best to obtain your visas in your home country or Hong Kong, some tour companies will arang this as a package.


Mongolian visas can easily be obtained from the Mongolian consulate in Irkutsk (Russia), and Chinese visas in Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia).


Russia : Invitations are generally required, and they must be registered in the country within 72 hours of arrival. However, Russian transit visas issued in Beijing last 10 days, and require no invitation. This would be enough time to make the trip with no stops on the way and spend a couple of days in Moscow.







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